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Nearly 24 million Americans, including 6.5 million children, live in food deserts and typically have limited or no access to a car, and no stores or farm stands offering affordable fresh fruits or vegetables within a mile.


This doesn’t mean they don’t have access to food; it’s just that the stores that are near enough for them to buy from – such as convenience stores, corner shops, and dollar stores – are often stocked with mostly heavily processed foods and snacks that are significantly less healthy choices than stores outside of food deserts.


MarketBox™️ sees a tremendous opportunity to address the growing food desert crisis. We seek to help provide high quality, affordably-priced grocery items and nourishing homestyle meals, directly in the communities that are in need.


MarketBox™️ is built on simplicity: a cost-effective standalone shipping container unit, retrofitted with an entry door, windows, refrigeration, shelving, and display fixtures. Insulation, ventilation, and simple furnishings are installed to create a comfortable and welcoming shopping experience.

MarketBox addresses proximity, nutrition and pricing by offering higher quality fresh food, priced affordably, and located directly in under-served communities. By creating access to fresh, healthy food, MarketBox is transforming the health and wellness of a community, which, without access to fresh, nutritious foods will have statistically disproportionate higher rates of diabetes, obesity and other diet-related illnesses.

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